Monday, May 9, 2011

Blogging Rationale

I struggled with creating a blog.  Why was I going to do it?  What was my goal?  What was my message?  I discovered the reason I struggled with these questions (and a whole lot more) were because I think in multiple layers.  I wasn’t able to single out any one area or topic that I was more interested in than others.  You’ll get to see what I mean by that as you follow these posts.  I can find impact and meaning in more than one area and I finally figured it out - that is what I should focus on.  How do ideas, topics and concepts intersect?  That’s where I found the title of my blog.  Consider this, is an invitation to find perpendiculars in our thinking; to look outside of conventional thought and see another perspective.  To find the second point of view; or maybe even the third and fourth.

So what do I spend most of my time thinking about then?  I mean, how do you know you’ll want to keep reading?  Well let me start with my profession, I’m a librarian.  I say that with pride because librarians are super cool.  There are some that feel our profession is a dying breed but the realities are librarians are more important than ever.  What is changing is our focus.  No longer are we gatekeepers to information.  No, our calling is much more.  Now we must help with determining the essential quality of information.  With so much information available the real task is for librarians to help organize and manage information.  I want to try and help motivate the change in our society to that end.  I will probably spend a lot of time talking about new developments in the library and how that impacts our world.  And believe me it does.  I love technology and since I’m a proponent for open access I’m sure I’ll spend time talking about any and all things open source and social network.  The most important part though is this; I will discuss these topics from an unorthodox way of thinking.  I’m going to ask that you take some leaps of faith with me.  Not to say that I’m right and know all the answers (certainly I don’t), but to maybe ask some really different questions.  I’m going to ask that you dig deep and go way out of your comfort zone.  I‘m hoping to hear some great answers from you.

The reason for that is pretty simple really.  I’m also interested in people and how people think and act.  I know for real change to happen you have to (as the Buddha said), be the change you want to see.  People thrive on predictability and the norm.  What if we could create a new norm?  What would it look like, how would we do it?  I’m not an anarchist.  I get the reason for social rules (every social animal on the planet has them) but is it possible to think about some of them differently?  That will sort of be my quest, my journey.   I hope that you decide to hang out and hope on for the ride with me.     

Until next time, Consider that.